Consistently rated as one of the best by industry organizations.

Awards and Certifications

Intertech Products, Inc. has consistently won Supplier Performance Awards over the last several years. These awards are presented annually for supplier performance in four areas: quality; commercial; material and logistics; and service and engineering support. Performance is recognized on three levels -- gold, silver and bronze. Intertech Products, Inc. was presented with the gold award numerous times.

Intertech Products, Inc. will achieve customer satisfaction by continuously improving processes and developing associates within our value streams to deliver the highest quality products at competitive pricing.

We understand superior customer service is vital to our Company’s profitability and growth. Returning every customer inquiry within two hours, even if we do not yet have a resolution to their request.

Not telling a customer “No” telling them “We can if…”

Always following up with the customer directly (phone & email) after fulfilling their request to confirm receipt and customer satisfaction.

Always elevating customer complaints to your direct supervisor and carbon copy to all Company Directors. Accentuate the positive daily and work constructively to promote positive change for the Company and your position. Have fun everyday and always support your coworkers.

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